We Make Footballer® do not run our own clubs and teams. We do however partner with other local grass-
roots teams. These are formal agreements in which the grassroots clubs expect us to deliver a certain amount of players to them each season. The reason we send players to grassroots clubs is because it helps our players develop through experiencing real match play, helps the local clubs bring in a continual influx of players which in turns helps develop communities across the country.


The earliest age a player can start playing for a club is School Year 2. Many grassroots teams are not able to pro-
vide quality training for all the players that are waiting to join their club. Therefore a number of clubs will allow use a soccer school to look after training for all the 4-6 year old players who are too young to join a team at the club. We provide that soccer school service for clubs for over 20 different clubs, and as result, we are able to pro-
vide wonderful pathways for our players.

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Child attends WMF training
You click on the option, when signing up,
to say you want your child to join a
local grassroots team.

We monitor their progress – giving you continual feedback through our reporting software and work on their weaknesses

At a point we feel they are ready
for team training, (and
depending on their age) we put
them forward for trials

If they are selected, we hope the player still attends our training, football camps and 1-1 sessions despite

If they are not selected we continue to work with them and monitor their progress until there is another opportunity to try again.

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Old Isleworthians are an example of the type of local grassroots club we will partner with. They train their
players on club nights, exclusively for their team members and we will train all other players who are waiting
to join the club. This means there is a constant flow of players coming into the club. We have been provid-
ing players to Old Ise for the past 10 years and have given them over 650 players in that period. We have
seen some wonderful communities evolve in that time and we are very proud of our long partnership with
the club. The club is now growing from strength to strength and will continue to flourish for many years
with the sustainable approach we have for recruiting and developing players for the club.

“Old Isleworthians are considered one of the top clubs in London for the players they
continue to develop and the opportunities they provide for so many children in the area.”