For players who are just starting out, shy, nervous and lack confidence in their football abilities (and even their social skills) our football camps are a brilliant way for children to find something they can enjoy in a group environment.

Football is a perfect way for children to make new friends and create their own identity away from their parents. Our football camps are as much about social development as they are football development.

UPCOMING holiday camps


Welcome and Registration
Coaches begin to integrate children into group while they are setting up. If children are very nervous and this will be their first camp, we suggest they attend at 10am so they can dive straight into activities without any time to get nervous or let doubts set in.
9.30am – 10am

Fun Games and Basic Technical Tutorials
10am – 10.45am

(Drink Break)

More Fun Activities and Small Sided Matches
11am – 12pm


Theme of the Day
This could be shooting, receiving, dribbling, tactical, awareness, ball mastery, defending principles or attacking principles. This will also depend on the player’s age. This are aimed at the level of the players we are coaching and coaches offer a great deal of support throughout.

Games/Matches and Tournaments

Watch our video to see the type of activities your child my experience!

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